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Kava Kava : Herb of Happines and Relaxation

There is an old story that is told in the Pacific Islands about twin orphans, a brother and a sister. The two orphans were all they had, and they loved each other very much. One day a strange man came to try to take… Continue Reading “Kava Kava : Herb of Happines and Relaxation”

L-Theanine for the Anxious

People who know me might describe me as an extra-extravert. Perhaps they would even capitalize all of the letters in the words and just write it as if it is constantly being screamed. This is most likely due to the fact that I indeed… Continue Reading “L-Theanine for the Anxious”

How to Be a Hoffer When People Just Don’t Get It

Not long ago, a whole lot of North American Hoffers and I found ourselves in a position that I think needs to be addressed. The weather forecast was a Hoffer’s dream: A super-cooled front of weather descended from the North Pole and brought with… Continue Reading “How to Be a Hoffer When People Just Don’t Get It”

“Don’t you feel cold?”

Cold trainers hear this question all the time! For me it has gotten very annoying, so I tend to avoid high traffic areas when I do my personal cold training. I took a chapter out of Wim Hof’s book and started training at night… Continue Reading ““Don’t you feel cold?””

Barefoot in the Snow: How to Train Your Feet and Avoid Frostbite

When cold trainers see cold weather in the forecast, we usually have a different reaction from the rest of the general public. While others sigh and groan at the thought of a cold front bringing snow, ice, and freezing weather, cold trainers see opportunities… Continue Reading “Barefoot in the Snow: How to Train Your Feet and Avoid Frostbite”